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Neck pain, Low Back pain & Headache Relief Center!

My only goal is to help you feel better!
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Not all Chiropractors are the same. Most patients begin treatment with me for pain relief. If you are suffering with pain then I want the opportunity to help you feel better. My only purpose is to try to help you feel better. I believe that if I am are able to make you feel better then you will come back... visit me again and tell all your friends and family about me. I have been in practice in Frisco since 1997 and have helped thousands of people feel better. Come see what makes me special. I think you'll like the difference.

Patient Testimonials

My chiro needs are met without the expense of stays and extra fees every 3-6 weeks for tests, xrays or time spent. Thank you, Dr. Wilson! - CB

Wonderful doctor and I will be a regular patient. - LH

My body feels less stiff now that I have met with Dr. Wilson!! Thank you! - SP

The adjustments always help with my pain. I don't know why I'm not more consistent? - KE

It is a needful visit each month for this old back of mine. - RL

It is always a pleasure to visit Dr. Wilson . Thank you! - LL

I have degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis, 3 neck vertebrae are surgically fused, with an artificial disc at the bottom of them. I am better able to deal with my pain issues from here than with all the injections and physical therapy that I have had elsewhere... over 17 years! - EV

Always know when seeing Dr. Wilson that I will feel better. - KE

Ed Wilson, the chiropractor, has helped my neck and back and hips. - PB

The Dr. has always had me feeling like a brand new man walking out of there. Definitely coming back for more. - VI

Had great experience. Edward Wilson is great! - PP

I'm not a fan of adjustments, but Dr. Wilson does a pretty good job of keeping you distracted during the process. :-) I will be back. - LP

I suffer from chronic frequent migraines. Literally a pain free day is a blessing to me. A friend convinced me to come in and let Dr. Wilson adjust me. That was a week ago, since then I have had almost no head pain. - JC
Great service and friendly people working hard to help you feel better.